Cosmopolitan in May

The May issue of Cosmopolitan magazine considers the human body and how to care for it. Readers will learn which workout routines, diets, and procedures will keep them in perfect shape. Singer Svetlana Loboda became the first pregnant woman to appear on the cover. She spoke about her attitudes towards feminism, children, and the self-confidence women feel.

Also in this issue:
The Russian edition of Cosmopolitan turns 25! Editors collected the best material from the last quarter century.
In the new section, “24 Hours with…", singer Max Barskikh described his schedule.
Cosmopolitan spoke with actor Danil Kozlovsky about his directorial debut.
Five women explain how to earn money by promoting healthy lifestyles.
A Cosmo experiment: can a person really live on just 2,500 rubles per week?
Pastel accents, marshmallows, and hard candies adorned designer shows. “Dances" star Alexandra Kiselyova tried them all.
How to painlessly eliminate unwanted hairs.
The power and problem of hormones. Cosmopolitan explains which affect your appearance and mood.
As summer approaches, Cosmopolitan tries out a new diet of split meals and intermittent fasting.
Psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky explains what to do if a cherished goal leads you in the wrong direction.

Cosmopolitan also reveals the best locales in Russia for productive vacations, how to start eating right, offers instructions on renting a car abroad, and shows the best accommodations in European capitals. 

The issue is already on sale.

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