Welcome RB.ru!

A new business website was launched on the first day of the new season. This resource is meant for a broad office audience: managers, specialists, bosses and back-office.

The authors of the project define the format of RB.ru as "business net". The key concept is a combination of unique services and up-to-date contents, but RB.ru also provides much entertainment on the site.

RB.ru is one of the business projects of Independent Media Sanoma Magazines. Contents of RB.ru offer the readers useful and long awaited services: news, business dictionaries, professional community, interactive career growth tools, personal assets management and an unusual entertainment sector called Office Life.

When writing news, the editors of RB.ru pay special attention to the impact of each business event on the readers' lives. At the same time the readers can add professional comments to the news. This collaboration makes the news profound and clear. The main stories are illustrated and presented in multimedia format. Personal shortcuts help readers keep up with the most important and interesting information. The news can be sorted out according to individual preferences - by regions, by segments or by key words. Official announcements of companies are published in a separate press releases section. Personal opinion of experts can be found in the blogs of the website.

The creators of the website have thoroughly studied internet preferences of office employees. It was very important to understand what conditions are indispensable to make the website attractive for specialists. The "Community" section allows readers to share their professional and personal experience via articles, press releases, forums, blogs, sharing files, links, recommendations and contacts.

RB.ru team provides research information about different market segments. Therefore the "Business Dictionaries" section was created. This section includes information about the market, companies, personas and templates for various useful documents, В2В-market, research and databases (converters, distance between the cities, etc)

The "Career" section helps plan professional growth. One can find practical information about career management, useful job search tools and education advice in this sector. WageIndex (this service is new to Russia) counts the approximate salary of an employee. This service also allows Russian specialists to compare their wages with the income of their international colleagues. "Career" also has a subsection called "Wages" with real stories about current salary levels in different spheres of the market.

The "Finance" section provides detailed information for personal investments. RB.ru explains the situation on the market and gives advice how to invest, take credit, insure and manage assets properly and fruitfully.

RB.ru helps the readers find out some funny facts about corporate life. The first Russian online business tabloid Office Life is full of interesting stories, rumours, exclusive pictures and videos. Bloggers from all over the world reveal all the "behind the scene" secrets and details of international office life.

Like any other large interactive business site RB.ru will be constantly changing together with the needs of office workers.

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