Assignments in Vedomosti Business Newspaper

Tatiana Lysova, formerly the Editor in Chief of the Vedomosti business newspaper, will now assume the post of Business News Media Editorial Director. She will be replaced by Elizaveta Osetinskaya, who for the last two years was the newspaper's Editor.

Elizaveta Osetinskaya graduated from The Moscow State University's economic faculty and the Kingston University business school. She has been working in Vedomosti since 1999, when the newspaper was founded. Tatiana Lysova graduated from The Moscow Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation ("Applied Mathematics"). She has also worked at Vedomosti since the newspaper's foundation.

"Liza has proven to be not only a highly professional editor, but also a talented manager with leadership skills," said Vedomosti publisher and Independent media Sanoma Magazines board member Mikhail Dubik. "That's why she was te natural choice for our stockholders - Independent Media Sanoma Magazines, Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal".

Tatiana Lysova be responsible for the editorial strategy and content development of all Business News Media projects, including Vedomosti business newsper, Vedomosti-Friday weekly, site, SmartMoney analytical weekly, monthly supplements of Vedomosti - How to Spend It, Real Estate: Business Walls, Real Estate: Residential Fund, Foreign Real Estate, Vedomosti VUZ newspaper and also the Guide for Private Investors Careerist's Book of Questions annuals.

One of Tatiana's main tasks will be a new Vedomosti design that fuses the resources of the newspaper and the Internet site. Tatiana will also be responsible for selecting key employees for Business News Media and supervise interactions between Vedomosti and the publishing house's other publications.

"Today Vedomosti is a publishing house providing the Russian business community with the information it needs. We issue more than 10 different editorial products and we need strengthen editorial management," Mikhail Dubik said. "Company needs united editorial strategy, a new level of control of editorial product's quality, we need develop and optimize our editorial resources".

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