New Publisher Of The Moscow Times

Ekaterina Son was appointed the new publisher of The Moscow Times. She will take her post on September 1, 2008 while continuing to head SmartМoney magazine.

Previous publisher Maxine Maters, who has headed The Moscow Times for 4 years, is leaving her position due to family circumstances. She will continue working at The Moscow Times as a consultant up to the end of the year.

Ekaterina Son graduated from the economic department of Moscow State University in 1998. She began her career in Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. Ekaterina joined the financial department of Independent Media in 1997. She launched b2b-magazine Agrobusiness (Agroinvestor today) and managed joint b2b projects carried out together with publishing house Profmedia (Financial Director, Agrobusiness). Later, Ekaterina has worked at New Business Media (Vedomosti, Smart Money) as financial director and head of the conferences department. In October 2007, Ekaterina was appointed publisher of SmartMoney magazine.

The Moscow Times is the leading English-language newspaper in Russia. It is the flagship of the Independent Media Sanoma Magazines business block. The newspaper has been published in Russia since 1992. The Moscow Times is the leader among the foreign language editions in Russia. It writes about the main events in Russia and abroad. The Moscow Times also publishes special editions about real estate (Real Estate Catalog, Real Estate Quarterly), entertainment (Moscow Guide), education and career (Jobs & Careers). One of the integral parts of the newspaper's business is holding conferences in Russia and abroad. In 2006, The Moscow Times started publishing and distributing the International Herald Tribune in Moscow.

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