RB.ru And Secret Candidate

Interactive business website RB.ru has launched a new project about job seeking in well known Russian companies.

Imagine you have decided to change your job and have already found a seemingly better position. Would you like to learn more about your possible future employer? Just send our Secret Candidate to the interview and you will know everything about it.

Secret Candidate is a specially trained person who sends his or her CV to various companies responding to the most demanded positions. The interviews help the Secret Candidate to find out why some employers see crowds of professional candidates awaiting a positive response while other companies fail to close their position regardless of tempting bonuses.

Secret Candidate valuates each vacancy according to five factors: location of the office, time of waiting before the interview, professional attitude, requests of the employer, and social package. Information collected by the Secret Candidate helps you figure working conditions and clarifies the requests to candidates.

This section provides detailed information about factors worth paying attention to when the candidate visits the company for the first time. Secret Candidate shares his or her impressions and obvious weak points of the companies. This information is useful to real candidates as well as the employers themselves, for it can help the latter to understand their faults.

Readers of RB.ru can also publish their stories about job interviews anonymously. Private information of the real candidates can be seen on the website only after the candidate gives permission to publish it. If the reader marks his message as "Anonymous story" the publication is not indicated in his or her profile at professional communities. The website's administration guarantees 100% confidentiality.

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