Best Life Promotion

Best Life - new magazine for rich and successful men is going to be published this September. The first issue is supported by promotion which includes outdoor advertizing (billboards, city-boards, banners around Moscow), commercials on TV (NTV, programs “Segodnya” at 22:45, REN-TV, “Nedelya with Marina Maksimovskaya”, “Euronews”), radio (Best FM, Avtoradio, City FM, Silver Rain, Nashe Radio, Radio 7) and promotion at the sales spots (POS).

The magazine will take part in the exhibitions “Boats and Yachts” (Moscow, 4-7 September) and “Millionaire Fair” (Moscow, 27-30 November), in autumn premiers of the company “Kino bez granits” and in Russian championship of Tornado boats (Anapa, 21-27 September)

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