RB.ru: Real Estate

RB.ru starts business season with a launch of a new project. A new section titled “RB.ru: Real Estate” will be added in September. The concept is to provide detailed information on residential real estate for the middle class. The content is written by RB.ru while the special offers of the objects in catalogues are the responsibility of OOO Consulting Realt (ORSN).

“RB.ru: Real Estate” will publish information about possible difficulties which people face when dealing with real estate. It writes about basic real estate rules which help to search real estate, privatize and insure objects, conclude valid contacts, reimburse taxes, legalize alterations,  carry out shared construction, check legal clarity of objects, separate shared flats, sell shares in real estate…

Original service is amplified with the reports of the “Secret Buyer” on real conditions. “Secret Buyer” inspects financial companies and shares opinion about the quality of mortgage and real estate insurance counseling. Fresh information about trends goes along with market players’ interviews. The readers get access to practical and informative news while the main service of the project is free access to the largest data bases of real estate objects provided by ORSN.

Active users of RB.ru play a significant part in this project. They add their stories, personal experience and observations to the articles. The main page of “RB.ru: Real Estate” announces popular blogs of realtors and stories of internationally located bloggers about what is going on with real estate in other countries. Analytical articles, statistics and market reviews are also published there on regular basis. Other sections include interviews with real estate tycoons and experts, information about exhibitions, conferences and workshops.

RB.ru is an interactive website for clerks: specialists, managers and bosses. The content includes all types of information that an office worker might need. RB.ru has combined news, business guides, professional community, private investments, and career growth. It includes a unique entertainment section Office Life. The project is part of Media Sanoma Magazines business portfolio.

Consulting Realt is successfully promoting online real estate sources. It has worked on 4 projects up to now:

United Russian Real Estate Server - orsn.ru
Rambler-Real Estate - orsn.rambler.ru
Lenta-Real Estate - realty.lenta.ru
Subscribe.ru-Real Estate - realty.subscribe.ru
The company is widely acknowledged as credible and trustworthy by real estate specialists and online audience.

For additional information please contact:
RB.Ru — (495) 232 32 00 (ext.3021), pr@rb.ru;
Consulting Realt — (495) 749 74 90.

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