Compiling Collections with Seasons

The October issue of Seasons Magazine is gathering collections - and as you’ll see, collections can be composed of anything imaginable. This was proven by the creators of the Wardrobe column, when they assembled a bust of Pushkin, antique cash registers, old corsets and symbols from the 1980 Olympic Games. In the Mood column, designer Yulia Belikanova created a story using the most popular bits from the film “Amelie.”

The History column includes Creative Director Yevgenia Kazarnovskaya’s outstanding interview with Pavel Teplukhin, who has assembled an amazing collection of Russian Impressionist paintings. In the My Things column, Irina Bogushevskaya tells her enchanting story, “Tender Things.”

Editor Anna Nikitina spent a day with professional restorer Yelana Zhilina and wrote an article describing how this unusual expert is able to breathe a second life into things that were seemingly beyond hope. In the Master Class column, Italian decorator Maryarita Machiavelli shares her tips for decorating your home with autumn leaves.

Gardening column editor Daria Osina took a trip beyond the city limits with florist Irina Knyazheva where they gathered a beautiful autumnal flower bouquet. And as it turns out, that there are people who collect borsch recipes. Kitchen column editor Ekaterina Dronova decided to collect a few recipes from the collectors - three head chefs in Moscow, and another in Kiev.

The most ephemeral collection belonged to Seasons deputy editor Valentina Aksenova - these were her impressions of her trip to Sardinia. That whole story of that variegated and emotional collection was assembled by Art Director Galina Groznaya and Designer Yulia Koptelova.

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