Crisis: Warned Means Prepared

The Vedomosti newspaper project “Job Vacancies and Education” has launched a Layoffs Update. The update includes information gathered from Vedomosti, SmartMoney Magazine and other sources.

The global financial crisis has shaken many formerly successful and prosperous companies, prompting a decrease in their activity, a halt to projects and a wave of employee cutbacks. Layoffs can affect any company, including yours. Mandatory retirement is perhaps the most difficult consequence of the crisis.

The project aims to inform readers of the latest employee cutbacks and keep them informed of ongoing events in the affected sectors. The old saying, “To be warned is to be prepared” is more apropos now than ever before.

Readers can inform Vedomosti of crisis-related layoffs in their own companies through the magazine’s website. Once the newspaper’s journalists verify the information, it will be included in the Layoffs Update.

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