National Geographic Russia Attends 70th Anniversary of MSU Faculty of Geography

The Lomonosov Moscow State University Faculty of Geography celebrated its 70th anniversary this year: The faculty was established in 1938 by a decision of the All-Union Committee on Higher Education.

With the primary goal of disseminating geographic knowledge, it was natural for the magazine to congratulate the school on its anniversary. The magazine participated in the anniversary celebration on October 22 that included more than 500 scientists of geography, professors and honored Faculty of Geography graduates.

The magazine’s editor in chief, Andrei Dubrovsky, offered his congratulations to the school. All of the assembled guests received complimentary copies of National Geographic Russia, and the school’s “veterans” received special gifts. National Geographic’s photo series on Baikal made by photographer Sergei Shitikov was on display in the auditorium atrium and will remain on view at the school until November 10. The magazine is also conducting a special subscription campaign for the university’s School of Geography students.

The Moscow State University Faculty of Geography includes practically every existing geographic discipline, and is the leading school of its kind in the country. More than 1200 students are currently enrolled in the faculty, almost 250 more than were enrolled 10 years ago – a result of the increase in the number of students who cover their own tuition fees. The faculty also includes 170 to 180 graduate students, 143 professors and instructors, as well as 348 science associates. The faculty has 15 distinct departments, 8 scientific research laboratories and 5 educational-research centers with 863 employees. The faculty’s four dissertation advisory councils issue approximately 30 percent of all geography dissertations in the country.

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