The Brand New SmartMoney

Beginning December 1, SmartMoney weekly will change its format and introduce new columns.

The following new sections will appear in the magazine:

"The Share Market." Diagrams of the week's trading activity for the top 20 shares on the Moscow Central Stock Exchange.

"The Economists' Column." Opinions by leading economists from a range of schools on the economic situation in Russia and the world.

"The Financial Consultants' Column." Practical advice on saving money, earning returns on your savings during the crisis, and a review of recent market activity.

"Portfolio." Recommendations from investment managers on various strategies for assembling a private investment portfolio.

"Anti-Crisis: Top 120." This monthly section will present the month's 10 most successful corporate strategies from a range of business sectors: banking, services, retail sales, etc.

The business community will have a greater demand for this information in the context of the global financial crisis.

"The need to change the magazine's layout and design arose a long time ago, but we only addressed this goal during the current year, with the arrival of our new art director, Maria Maximova, who created the new look," said Tatiana Lysova, editorial director of both the Vedomosti newspaper and SmartMoney.

The planned changes are intended to make the magazine's structure and appearance match the content as much as possible, and to satisfy the expectations of business publication readers. The goal is for the magazine to remain stylish, current and easy to read. The first section of the magazine will be dedicated entirely to current events and news. The pilot issue of the revised SmartMoney has already earned positive test marketing reviews, and a few potential readers are eagerly awaiting the updated magazine's release. The editorial board is now finalizing improvements to the layout and will release it for the judgment of readers on December 1.

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