The Moscow Times: Award for Prozrenie

The film "Prozrenie" took the children's appreciation award at the Fourth International Movies without Barriers Festival that screens films about physically challenged people. It took place in Moscow from November 14 to 17. The film was created in partnership with The Moscow Times' "Create Yourself" charitable project.

The film festival screened the most outstanding and entertaining feature, documentary, animated and short films from Russia, the CIS countries, Germany, England, the United States, France, Denmark, Israel, Canada and others.

When the final credits rolled across the screen in the Salut Movie Theater, the audience gave a standing ovation and applauded for several minutes. The usual practice at the festival had been to hold a ten-minute discussion after each film, but the discussion after Prozrenie lasted so long that the organizers could not screen the next film for a full hour. One person taking part in the discussion said that Prozrenie is a fairy tale for adults and that it could become a reality. In modern life, people suffer from a great many problems and stresses, including pain and loss. Such films as this are therefore absolutely necessary because they give people hope and the desire to create their own fates.

Most of the winning films were made overseas. The films were not always easy to watch because they dealt with subject matter we usually try to avoid seeing or thinking about.

The Moscow Times' "Create Yourself" project and Prozrenie also deal with this topic and were made for those people. The filmmakers tried to portray the bright and constructive side of their subjects. This might not always be enough to heal and save lives, but it can give the strength to live on and to try to help people find meaning in their lives.

More information about the film can be found at the Prozrenie website:

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