Hermitage presents Art Banking Seminar

A seminar titled Art Banking: Banking Services on the Art Objects Market, will be held on December 2 at the Balchug Kempinski Hotel in Moscow. The seminar is organized by the Hermitage magazine, with UBS Bank acting as general sponsor, and the Mont Blanc company acting as official partner.

The seminar program includes:

  • Karl Schweizer, director of UBS Art Banking will speak on art objects as investments, the difference between the capital market and the art object market, and analytical data and statistics on the art object market.
  • Sergei Skaterschikov of Index Atlas Groups will give an overview of the art object market.
  • Alen Buvro, UBS Art Banking deputy director will speak on the opportunities, threats and risks in the art object market, evaluating art production, low liquidity in the art object market, and transaction costs and conflict of interests.
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