National Geographic Russia reaches new heights

Independent researchers have confirmed the increase in the number of National Geographic Russia magazine fans. According to TNS Gallup Media, the audience for a single issue (AIR) of National Geographic Russia exceeded 1 million readers. Now 1.0246 million people read every issue of the magazine.

National Geographic Russia not only achieved an increase in readership, but also surpassed a traditional market leader as measured by the AIR indicator. For example, according to the same research firm, 952.9 thousand people read Geo magazine. Yet National Geographic entered the Russian market in 2003 - five years later than Geo. Thus, in a short period it managed to win the trust and interest of its reading audience.

Ekaterina Syomina, the magazine's publisher, commented on its achievement. "National Geographic is a global brand that is famous primarily because of its high-quality content. And the Russian edition lives up to that world standard completely," she said.

Over the past two years, ever since Independent Media Sanoma Magazines began publishing NG Russia, it has undergone a fundamental improvement in editorial content.

"National Geographic Russia publishes unparalleled photographs and exclusive material about history, archeology, biology and culture," Syomina said. "Our readers are accustomed to being the first to learn about all the most important scientific discoveries, and they value that."

The magazine's popularity received a boost from its social and educational activities. In 2008 alone, National Geographic Russia took part in dozens of scientific expeditions and cultural events, and organized major exhibitions and competitions. Among the magazine's many social projects were the international Mir on Baikal research expedition, the archeological expedition in Luxor, International Water Week, an ecological projects contest titled "We Give Back to Our Planet," the Tequilajazzz concert on Mt. Elbrus, the Festival of Modern Mexican Cinema, the Baikal and Kamchatka photo exhibitions at Moscow's Central House of Artists, and others.

National Geographic is a unique, scientific and popular geographic magazine, officially published by the National Geographic Society of the United States. More than 40 million people now read the magazine in 26 languages of the world. The core of the magazine's content is identical for every country, which makes National Geographic truly a worldwide publication. National Geographic has been published in Russia since October 2003.

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