SmartMoney: First Special Edition of 2009

The first special edition of SmartMoney will hit newsstands on February 16. The issue is titled, "The Pros and Cons of State-Controlled Businesses in Russia."

The issue offers a comprehensive analysis of Russia's state capitalism, including:

State capitalism and the economic crisis: How state ownership influences the crisis;
The state's part: The state's share of involvement in various countries;
State-controlled companies: How they work in Russia and overseas;
A private prison: What will they think of next?

This issue continues the tradition of monthly special editions of SmartMoney that began in August 2007. Each issue in the series throws light on an issue of current interest to Russia's business community. Every special issue includes exclusive material, penetrating analysis as well as many-sided and non-traditional viewpoints of the problem. The special edition of SmartMoney is accompanied by an active PR and advertising campaign.

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