Insider Texts Analyzed

The online business portal and the Qualitel data services company are providing marketing and social research demonstrated the initial results of their cooperation. Qualitel specialists analyzed texts by "insiders" published on the web site - The Secret Buyer, The Secret Job Applicant and candid stories about salaries - and used them as a basis for making high quality comparative reports.

The Secret Buyer, the Secret Job Applicant and the Salaries Update are columns in which users can find first-hand, true insider information. Now those texts have a high quality addition in the form of summary reports prepared by specialists from the Qualitel company.

The Salaries Update is a collection of data from real people who share information about their jobs - and more importantly, about their salaries - on a confidential basis. The Qualitel overview enables readers to learn about labor market trends and to understand how much people are earning in various regions.

The Secret Buyer evaluates the services of financial organizations such as banks and insurance companies, truthfully and impartially describing them in its reports. The analyses of the Secret Buyer stories give readers the opportunity to evaluate not only the quality of the services offered by individual banks, but also the cost of those services - an equally important indicator. In its first analytical report for the Secret Buyer, Qualitel compares the cost of motor hull insurance and compulsory car insurance offered by various companies.

Correspondents for the Secret Job Applicant column attend job interviews with various companies and afterward give - to whatever extent possible - an objective evaluation of the vacancies available, the employers and the corporate culture of those companies. For the Secret Job Applicant column, Qualitel prepared comparative analyses of analogous vacancies at various companies. In this way, readers can get a sense of which companies offer higher salaries, which offer full social benefits and which provide greater opportunities for advancement. In addition to giving an overview of the labor market, this review can help readers choose a specific companies in which to build their careers.

Analyses of these insider columns will be performed constantly, and new reports will appear regularly. These will enable users to not only receive a clear picture of what is happening in various companies and of the services offered by financial firms, but also analyses of trends that will enable them to make the right decisions for themselves. is an interactive business Web portal for the office audience. The project combines in one place a business news service, a community of professionals, business reference guides, a career development service, sections on personal investment, real estate and office life. On average, about 100,000 separate individuals visit the portal daily. The project is part of the portfolio of business publications offered by Independent Media Sanoma Magazines.

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