National Geographic Russia in April

The main theme in this issue – holy places of the Earth. People have always known of sacred places possessing great energy, and many still believe that miracles of healing and cleansing occur in such locations. In April, National Geographic Russia will report on the Riddle of Fatima, climb the legendary Kailash Mountain considered by four world religions to be their main shrine, and visit sacred Lake Said on the Kola Peninsula.

Also in this issue:

Spitsbergen. The amazing biodiversity of the polar region held in glacial archipelagos. Its animal life could survive permafrost conditions, but will it be able to withstand the ordeal of global warming?

The Russian Soul. The 21st century – a new page in the history of Russia’s Orthodox Church. A resurgence of churches and increasing numbers of people turning to religion. The life of the Orthodox Church as told in the notes of a U.S. journalist with Russian roots.

Future natural disasters. How will climate change affect heavy rains and droughts? Will they increase in frequency and severity? Or will they change the geography of the planet? Scientists offer their predictions of impending cataclysms.

Who is killing off the amphibians? Frogs once outlived the dinosaurs, but today they, like other amphibians, are rapidly disappearing from the face of the earth – perhaps faster than all other animals. Where is their legendary ability to endure and survive? Scientists from around the world try to unravel this approaching catastrophe.

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