“Face Yes.Com.Ru – 2009”

It would be difficult to find a single person who is completely indifferent to how others relate to them, how they evaluate them, and what they think about their actions and achievements. The urge to speak about one's merits, good qualities and talents is, on the one hand, egotistical, but on the other hand - the desire to be well thought of by others is a good stimulus for growth and development.

Yes! once again gives such an opportunity to its readers by announcing the Face yes.com.ru contest.

The "Face of the Year" project - a beauty contest among Yes! magazine readers - has been held yearly since the publication first appeared. Over those 10 years, about one million readers have participated in the contest. Winners have included young women from both major metropolitan centers and smaller cities in outlying areas of Russia. The contest served as an excellent starting point for many of them - for example, for singer Alexandra Saveleva from the group Factory, and for actress Maria Kozhevnikova who is famous for her roles in the television series Univer, Kremlin Cadets and others.

Today's young audience is becoming increasingly active: They participate in various contests and projects sponsored by the magazine with great enthusiasm and spend a significant amount of time on the Internet. That is why the "Face of the Year" contest changed its name to "Face yes.com.ru" in 2008 and successfully based on the site www.yes.com.ru that has become the new focal point in the life of the project.

The contest organizers have always given themselves the task of convincing young women that any one of them could find themselves on the cover of their favorite magazine. They do not have to look like models for that - it is enough to be bright, interesting and courageous.

"Face yes.com.ru - 2009" will launch this year's contest in April and will continue through September. Participants need only send a few photos and a short description of themselves. A contest blog with all of the participants' photographs is found on the site www.yes.com.ru. The finalists for each month are posted on the site based on the on-line voting conducted there, participants discuss the project's latest news and sum up the results. A large number of video projects will accompany each stage of the project.

The winners selected by the site's visitors will end up on the cover of Yes! magazine and will be given a contract with a leading modeling agency. Prizes will also be given to the site's visitors who most actively participate in the voting process.

The advertising campaign for the contest will begin in April on Radio DFM, in institutions of higher learning and in movie theaters. Various promotional activities will also be held at major venues - both local and regional - from May through September. The contest will culminate with a final event to be held in Moscow.

More details can be found in the April issue of Yes! magazine and on the site www.yes.com.ru.

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