Business Breakfast with Harvard Business Review – Russia

On May 28, the third business breakfast was held in the "Anti-crisis Decisions and Techniques" series for top managers working in various sectors of the economy. The event was organized by Harvard Business Review Russia and the Accenture company.

The meeting gathered the general and financial directors of some of the largest companies working in consumer trade, services and retail, including Baltika, The Coca-Cola Company, Nestle, Kraft Foods, Johnson & Johnson, the Cherkisovo Group, Efes, Wrigley, Mosmart, Billa SPAR, Dixie, Barry Callebaut, San Inbev, Ferrero Russia and others.

Denis Grishin, director of consumer goods and retail trade practices for Accenture Russia gave a short talk on development trends in the sector. Next, participants examined a business case study of Tekhnosila, presented by company vice president Leonid Tyukavkin. After that, a discussion ensued in which participants discussed the effectiveness and priority of using leading-edge technology for optimizing their businesses. They also shared their own experiences with optimizing expenses.

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