Fotoimedia Enters World Market

The Independent Media Sanoma Magazines Fotoimedia photo agency took part in the CEPIC Congress - the world's largest photo forum - that was held from June 3 to 7 in Dresden. More than 600 delegates from 39 countries attended this year's Congress.

The Coordination of European Picture Agencies Press Stock Heritage CEPIC library of images was founded 16 years ago in Berlin. Ever since, the organization has gathered together a wide array of participants in the international photo market, naming the event the CEPIC Congress. Participants include photo agencies, professional associations and image libraries, as well as European museums and art galleries.

The Congress is the largest event of its kind in the world. Over the course of its 15 year history, it has transformed from a European forum into a global congress that brings together photo industry professionals from around the world. The CEPIC Congress is held in a different European city each year. This year, the venue chosen was the German city of Dresden, where U.S. President Barack Obama happened to pay an informal visit during the days of the Congress.

During the five days of the forum, the Fotoimedia photo agency held talks with numerous potential and actual business partners and demonstrated the possibilities of its photo bank. As the photo agency of the largest publishing house in Russia - Independent Media Sanoma Magazines - Fotoimedia was invited to become a full-fledged member of the CEPIC association.

Foreign colleagues showed a great deal of interest in the Fotoimedia photo agency's collection, and agreements were reached to promote the IMSM photo collection on the world market. What's more, thanks to new agreements made there, in the near future the Fotoimedia image bank will expand to include fresh collections from foreign photo agencies covering various themes that will interest not only Independent Media editors, but also other Russian media publications.

Visitors to the web site can search for photographs and find announcements about the latest additions to the photo bank.

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