Yes! Hits Already On Sale

Despite the difficult economic times, the Yes! brand is strengthening its position on the youth press market, following and bringing to life the most fashionable trends. One such achievement is the release of the new publication Yes! Hits.

Because much of the Yes! magazine material remains topical even after the passage of many years, the editorial board decided to gather all of its best items under a single cover. The Yes! Hits digest series – that includes the best material of the last 10 years and is sold separately from Yes! magazine – is not an insert.

The first in the Yes! Hits series is the “Tests” digest that was released with a print run of 100,000 copies. The 36-page digest includes tests, crosswords, “scanwords,” pictorial puzzles and special contest questions for readers to answer and win prizes.

“Tests” is one of the magazine’s most popular sections. That is how the idea was born to collect the most interesting tests in a separate digest and offer it to readers as a separate publication. Only at first glance do these tests appear to be a form of entertainment. Upon closer examination, they are a path to self-knowledge, an incentive to self-improvement, a great way to train your memory and a source of wit and wisdom. Tests are the best way to gauge yourself and those close to you, to identify your talents and to develop your social skills.

News of the release of the first Yes! Hits digest is being announced in print publications, on the Internet and on radio.

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