One Hot Summer with Homes Overseas

Summer is the hottest time for buyers of overseas real estate. Because many people prefer combining their vacations with home shopping, the July-August issue of Homes Overseas provides a range of materials that will definitely interest those who are searching for good deals at popular resorts.

In the Top 10 column, editors selected 10 Mediterranean villas - all of which will elicit admiration from even the most exacting connoisseur. Readers can study a broad review of opportunities for summer vacations that are open to anyone considering the purchase of property in the Alps. Detailed articles describe the real estate markets in resorts popular among Russians, such as Spain's Costa Blanca and Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. And probably nobody will remain indifferent after reading about modern housing complexes on the Crimean south shore.

As in years past, the issue includes a special article on Cyprus, an island of calm amidst the global economic crisis.

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