National Geographic Russia in August

Vanishing Venice is the main theme of the August issue of National Geographic Russia. Natural disasters are not the only threat to the city. The tourists that literally flood Venice every year create a number of new problems and concerns for local residents. What is happening now in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, and how can we save it for our descendents?

Also in this issue:

Actors of the woodland stage. A colorful photo exposé answers the question: How can putting on an act help animals extricate themselves from seemingly hopeless situations?

21st century pagans. Ancient understandings of the world are coming back to life. Which of our contemporaries glorifies Perun and Jarilo?

Masters of the Paleozoic. Unique fossils – trilobites call to mind fantastic creatures from distant planets. After disappearing 200 million years ago, these fanciful creatures are again gaining attention and have become sought-after trophies hunted by collectors.

The tsar of fish. An epidemic of poaching has seized the Kamchatka Peninsula. Corruption and unfavorable economic conditions have placed the preservation of the largest population of wild Pacific salmon in danger.

A Big Idea – a new column in National Geographic. Starting with this issue, the magazine will publish material on new scientific developments designed to help humanity solve one of its vital problems. In this issue, astronomer Roger Angel proposes stopping the global warming process by placing trillions of reflectors in Earth orbit and shielding mankind from the sun. But do humans know enough about the Earth to try to “reequip” it?

The August issue is already on sale.

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