Men’s Health PRO motion

Last month Men’s Health has launched “Men’s Health PRO motion in your city” contest, which become if not the largest, but indeed the most creative and funny promo campaign within 11,5 years of Men’s Health performance in Russia. The readers are welcome to organize an event devoted to the magazine, take a picture or video of it and send the result at

The contest’s slogan is “Switch on you brain and get an auto!”, because the winner will receive Toyota RAV4. The application forms are accepted by Men’s Health editorial up to November 30th. The contest is supported by advertising campaign in press, on the radio, in Internet and at points of sales. In addition, Men’s Health initiates “exhibition performances” in Russia’s largest cities. Three of them have been already held.

On July 17 in Novosibirsk ten girls wearing T-shirts with PRO-motion logo walked along the downtown streets with shopping carts full of Men’s Health magazines. “Why do you need so many?” wandered passers-by. “It’s a very interesting magazine, and I decided to buy more. Take one and try!” answered the girls.

On July 25 in Krasnodar ten brave alpinists stormed a 30 meter high tower block in the center, attracting attention of passers-by and visitors of the nearest cafes and shops. The amazed crowd of gapers all together switched on video mode on their cell phones, while guys were tiling letters MH with their bodies.

On July 25 in Ekaterinburg 200 cyclists started at the same time in different parts of the city to merge in one “critical mass” right before the finish tape. The participants’ clothers and cycles were decorated with Men’s Health logos.

All details of the contest “Men’s Health PRO-motion” can be reached at

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