The Moscow Times Upgrades Site

The Moscow Times, the leading English language newspaper in Russia, is launching an upgraded and improved site. The goal - to transform the portal into the main source for information on Russia for the business community around the world.

As always, the newspaper keeps its focus on news and analysis. Now, however, all of the newspaper's resources - Real Estate, Career Center, Conferences, Classifieds, Community, Guide to Russia and Charity - are integrated into a unified site that updates users on the latest information and practical solutions they need to organize their lives, work and recreation in Russia.

The structure of the site's various sections, as well as its design and system of navigation, have been changed. A new Sport heading has been added to the News section, the blog section has changed and the site now includes significantly more photographs and illustrations. Articles are now presented in a new format, and photographs are displayed with a more than 500 pixel width. The new version of the site includes modern functions for working with content - lists of articles sorted by theme, rating materials and a photo gallery. The interactive section of the site has also been expanded to include blogs, forums and commentary on the articles.

The services section includes Real Estate - the fullest available database of apartments for rent in Moscow and St. Petersburg; Career Center - a regularly updated listing of job vacancies and resumes; Guide to Russia - a restaurant listing; and Classifieds - links to useful addresses and telephones. A new section, Community, was also created to give foreigners who live in Russia a place to meet and chat.

The Moscow Times newspaper sheds light on Russia's news every day for readers living in Russia and abroad. The online version in particular is often a unique source of information on the latest events, because it is written by Western journalists reporting from within Russia. That makes the site the most important news source covering Russia for the entire world community.

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