Mamas&Papas: Made by Papas

Yes, this issue was definitely made by papas. As it turns out, they are willing to take an active role in bringing up children. All they need is a little freedom and some trust from their other halves. In fact, some of the fathers insist that mothers do more harm than generally thought. Papas versus mamas: who will win in this clash of titans? Read the details on the pages of Mamas&Papas magazine in September.

Also in this issue:

About mothers. What mistakes do mothers make? Fathers’ complaints about maternal methods of upbringing. Read it in the “Cover Story.”

Jealousy in the family: there is a solution! Husbands are jealous of their wives’ relationship with the kids; mothers are jealous of the bond between children and their nannies and the eldest child is jealous of the parents’ attitude toward the youngest…and so on ad infinitum. A family that only yesterday was harmonious is now seized with paranoia in the form of jealousy. And what should those unhappy people do now?

Compulsory secondary education. Choosing a good school – everything from tales of doom to exceptionally good fortune. Recommendations from education departments and questioning your friends does not help much. Even the experience of other people’s children who study in a particular school might be misleading. But if you take a serious approach to choosing the right school, there are at least some problems you can avoid!

Also: papas at kindergartens – why should fathers attend parent-teacher meetings? Speaking correctly – exercises by a speech therapist; taking a child to an aikido workout; drawing with sand, raising fish, playing knights in armor and much more.

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