New Face of Vedomosti on Internet

The Vedomosti business newspaper has launched a new version of its site.

The new face of Vedomosti on the Internet is not simply the newspaper's site - it is full-fledged modern media. The newspaper utilizes modern technology to give its readers a full picture of daily events - political and business news, breaking stories and archival material, video coverage and audio programs, major and influential players in the business community and popular blogs with video commentary.

The new site is organized by subject matter and column headings (Careers, Real Estate, Finance and others) in which thematic information is combined from various Vedomosti products. From now on, each article is not merely text, but one part of a larger story that Vedomosti presents with accompanying reference information, illustrations, pertinent documents as well as photographic and video material.

The Vedomosti site says more: During the course of any given day, the site publishes more material than is released in the newspaper's print version. In addition to reproducing many complete articles from the print version, the site also includes a number of related documents. The Vedomosti site is fast-acting: Articles written by the newspaper's journalists appear first on the site, and in print the following day. The Vedomosti site is convenient: Readers can receive the newspaper in the format most useful for them - by e-mail, on their iPhones, in Smart Edition format, through RSS, Twitter or on their audio players. The Vedomosti site is also state-of-the-art: Readers can freely converse with each other, publish their blogs and be the first to use the latest Internet technologies.

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