National Geographic at MSU Journalism Department

National Geographic Society Vice President Terrence Adamson and editor-in-chief of the U.S. edition of National Geographic Chris Johns spoke at the Moscow State University journalism department on September 29.

Many were interested to learn how the legendary magazine is produced, who puts it together, what the secret is to the magazine's worldwide success and which qualities a journalist must have to work for National Geographic. Not a single seat was empty in the hall - one of the largest in the department.

Terrence Adamson told the young journalists how the National Geographic Society initiated the unique scientific magazine's creation more than 120 years ago, and how today the National Geographic brand unites a huge number of publications around the world as well as television channels and programs, radio stations, film and television production, book publishing, children's game, travel agents, the manufacture of specialized clothing for travelers and much more.

Chris Johns began his talk with a confession - many years ago, when he was only a university journalism student, he could not have even dreamt that one day he would head a magazine such as National Geographic. In order to help the future Russian editors-in-chief dream big, he shared trade secrets with them. Chris Johns showed the students a film on how the magazine is made, and then using the example of a story on mountain gorillas of Virunga, he explained how great journalistic coverage is created.

After the lecture, students flooded the speaker with questions. There were so many that time did not allow them to discuss each one, but Chris Johns and Terrence Adamson promised that they would definitely answer each question sent by mail. Those answers will be posted soon on the web site

Before the lectures, journalism department students and instructors were able to view a photo exhibition presented by National Geographic magazine titled "Kamchatka," with the work of Sergei Gorshkov.

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