Around-the-World Yes! Journey with Ilya Lagutenko

Yes! magazine is serving as informational sponsor to a unique project, The Book of Wanderings, by Ilya Lagutenko, leader of the Mummy Troll group.

Ilya Lagutenko is creating a personal travel album. The first volume in The Book of Wanderings series, My East, will be released in October. That will be followed by three more titles – My West, My North and My South. The books will include archival and factual information, along with personal observations and recollections by the author.

The project targets a wide audience, from young Mummy Troll fans to adults interested in travel. The Book of Wanderings will be published in the form of an album with a large number of original illustrations and unique photographs. The project is expected to become the latest hit among the artistic accomplishments of Ilya Lagutenko – only this time it will be realized on paper.

The Book of Wanderings is more than the biography of a famous personality and more than geography. It is “persography” – a personal geography. With Ilya Lagutenko’s invaluable assistance, readers learn about the world and their relationship to it.

And, while Mummy Troll is touring the United States, Moscow is celebrating Ilya Lagutenko’s birthday. The film A Night with Mummy Troll will be shown on October 16 at the Cosmos movie theater. Two premiers will take place during the event: the presentation of the first volume of The Book of Wanderings and a unique showing of rare concert footage from the personal archives of the Mummy Troll group members. The theater will work around the clock, admitting guests to the event from midnight until 6 a.m. Fans of the group can celebrate the birthday of their idol in friendly company and themed surroundings. Admission is free to anyone who shows a personal copy of The Book of Wanderings.

Yes! magazine is supporting the project. The publication’s logo appears on one-fourth of the book’s cover, on light emitting diode 3star screens, on the projects promotional web site, on promotional video clips shown in theaters as well as during presentations, on placards, invitations and press walls. Ten copies of the book with the author’s autograph will be given away in the October issue of Yes!, and a contest for the best way to congratulate Ilya Lagutenko for his birthday will be held on the web site, with the winner receiving complimentary tickets to the A Night with Mummy Troll event. 

More information about the project is available at

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