The Moscow Times Held Student Competition Promotional Campaign

The Moscow Times student competition promotional campaign, organized in partnership with Intel, Acer and Yota, was held from November 16 to December 2 in Eldorado and Yevroset stores as well as in leading institutions of higher learning in Moscow. These included: Moscow State University; the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Computer Science; the N.E. Bauman Moscow State Technical University; the Academy of National Economy; the Peoples’ Friendship University; the State University’s Higher School of Economics; the G.V. Plekhanova Russian Academy of Economics; the Moscow State University’s Higher School of Business; the Moscow State University of Printing Arts and the National University of Science and Technology.

Young ladies wore designer shirts bearing the words “Mobilnoye Nastoyasheye” and the logos of The Moscow Times and project partners. They stood in participating stores and universities and handed out fliers with information about the contest and promotional gift pens and notepads.

Students participating in the contest have a chance to win a thin, lightweight Acer Aspire Timeline computer notebook with an 8-hour battery life.

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