PRO-Motion Men’s Health Finale

November 30 marked the final deadline for submissions to the PRO-Motion Men’s Health contest. During the four and one half months of the contest, the magazine’s editorial offices received submissions from 50 promotional projects held in various cities across Russia, all singing the praises of Men’s Health. Members of the magazine’s editorial staff composed the authoritative jury. They selected 24 candidates who will continue to battle it out for the grand prize – a new Toyota RAV4.

Open voting for the best PRO-Motion Men’s Health project will continue through December 15 on the web site Viewers can vote for more than one project, but only once from each computer. The results of the people’s voting will be considered when determining the contest winners – whose names will be published in the February issue of Men’s Health.

The prize for first place in the PRO-Motion Men’s Health contest is a new Toyota RAV4. Second prize is a Clevermoto scooter, and third prize is a Forward 4212 mountain bike. All other contestants will receivea  one-year subscription to Men’s Health as well as the respect and esteem of the many thousands of people who read the men’s magazine.

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