New Lesson at the Wedding School

The latest session of the Wedding School organized by Wedding magazine was held last Sunday at Moscow’s Balchug Kempinski Hotel. According to the guests, it was the most outstanding and memorable Wedding School lesson thus far.

As per tradition, the magazine invited its business partners who shared their secrets for making wedding preparations. Continuing the theme of wedding scenarios, participants spoke about the particular issues associated with holding weddings at historic locations, citing the example of Kuskovo.

The “Choosing a Ring” jewelry master class generated a great deal of interest among participants, particularly because they were given a small test: a specialist was able to determine the character of the brides and grooms based on the jewelry they chose for each other. Famous stylist and Domashny television host Vlad Lisovets told participants how to create a modern look for the bride and how to look natural while dressing appropriately for various situations. Even after Lisovets finished his presentation, the guests did not want him to leave and showered him with numerous questions.
The most striking part of the program was definitely the presentation by the Public Event’s Directorship. Their brilliant concert program included performances by a folk group, a dance ensemble and a colorful floral show. Program special guest Natasha Koroleva performed several songs for the future newlyweds.

Balchug Kempinski representatives told participants of wedding services offered by the hotel, and organized special excursions. Consultants from the Wedding Rooms wedding salon presented the latest trends in wedding fashion.

After a master class in wedding dance conducted for all comers by the Galla Dance company, guests could participate in individual consultations with florists, holiday organizers and other specialists. The hotel organized a splendid cocktail reception with a wedding cake to close out the event.

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