National Geographic Russia in February

The eternal nomads of India are the cover story of the February issue of National Geographic Russia. As many as 80 million denizens of India are nomadic tribes and peoples. Excellent artisans, they maintain ancient traditions and observe a centuries-old oath never to spend the night within the walls of a home. The magazine presents a fascinating report from the camp of the Lokhar tribe of Rajasthan.

Also in this issue:

The Ergaki nature preserve. Mountain formations in southern Siberia that are a super popular natural park. How long can the Western Sayan mountain range withstand an invasion of pilgrims and tourists intent on conquering the mountains?

Miracles of bioengineering. Can a lost extremity be replaced by a perfect mechanism controlled by the brain? Cyber prostheses of the 21st century have leapt from the realm of science fiction into reality.

Ancestor cult. The tradition of venerating the dead has existed in China for five thousand years. Today’s Chinese still believe that their lives depend on the good pleasure of the dead.

The new issue goes on sale February 2.

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