National Geographic Russia in March

The main story of the March issue of National Geographic Russia examines the giant line drawings in the Nazca Desert of southern Peru. These figures were created by one of the most mysterious cultures on Earth. Generations of researchers have been unable to fathom their meaning, but recent discoveries have brought them closer to solving the puzzle.

Also in this issue:
An ancient sea where a capital city now stands. No skyscrapers, supermarkets or highways – just a vast sea with thick seaweed and sharks swimming above. Paleontologists are certain: this is how Moscow looked millions of years ago.

Wicked flowers. More than 600 species of predatory plants exist in nature. Snares, traps, pitfalls and deceptive odors leave their prey practically no chance for survival.

Rituals of the Omo Valley. The isolated tribe of the Omo River in souther Ethiopia hear the voices of the dead, speak to crocodiles and control the elements – and even death itself.

The new issue goes on sale March 2.

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