Seminar on Book “House and Philosophy”

In early March, the Liberty book club and the Moscow College of Philosophy conducted an open seminar titled “Does Dr. House have a philosophy? Do philosopher’s have an audience?” The seminar was dedicated to the release of the Russian-language version of the book “House and Philosophy: Everybody Lies!” (United Press, 2010).

Kirill Martynov hosted the seminar. Renowned Moscow intellectuals spoke, including Kirill Zhuravlev, Mark Sandomirsky, Pavel Kostylev, Maxim Lebedev, Dmitry Kralechky and Irina Trushina, the editor of the Russian edition of the book. The event generated a great deal of interest: there was a rush on the editorial offices, with people lining up to get in from the corridor and sitting on the floor. And although there were different opinions about the philosophy of the series (if such a thing even exists), participants unanimously praised the publisher for a successful start and for the high quality of the book.

A video recording of the seminar can be found on the web page of the discussion moderator:

Photo by Emin Kalantarov

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