National Geographic Russia Invites Readers to “Secrets of the Nazca Desert” Exhibition

The “Secrets of the Nazca Desert” Exhibition opened on March 18 at the Atrium shopping and entertainment center in support of the March issue of National Geographic Russia.

Mysterious and enormous line drawings etched into the surface of the earth were discovered by chance in the Nazca desert in the 20th century. What the figures signify, who drew them and how remains a mystery. The drawings can only be viewed in their entirety from an airplane at high altitude.

Details about these amazing images are available in the March issue of National Geographic Russia, where the material about the Nazca drawings is one of the main features of the publication. Visitors can view the unforgettable photos of the Nazca desert tableau at the Atrium exhibition from March 18 through April 17 in Moscow at 33 Zemlyanoi Val. The exposition is open daily and admission is free.

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