Expedition of Happiness at Yes! Editorial Offices

What is happiness? What makes people happy in different parts of the world? What makes them wake up in a great mood, feel happy every day and smile to others? That is exactly what Tono, Kelly and Tony – participants in the Expedition 206 – will explain. In January 2010, with the support of Coca Cola, they began their journey around the world. For 365 days, the participants will visit 206 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America where they will meet with different people and ask them about what would make them happy, and look for manifestations of happiness on the streets of big cities. Along the route of their journey, the “happiness hunters” will take in such momentous events as the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, World Cup football in South Africa and the World Expo in Shanghai.

The Russia stage of Expedition 206 was held in Moscow on March 19. The search for happiness took place together with Yes! magazine. Only one member of the expedition made it to Moscow – Kelly of Belgium. A delegation consisting of Yes! editor Yulia Karaulova, rapper Dino MC 47 and the most active bloggers and readers of the magazine conducted a tour, showing not only the main attractions of the capital, but also the less popular, but no less worthy routes. Their interaction continued within the walls of the Yes! school, where the delegation told Kelly what is meant by “happiness” in our country.

The meeting ended by awarding a creatively decorated Coca-Cola bottle – a kind of trophy and the symbol of the country that the “happiness hunters” receive. This time the award took the form of a small bottle in the shape of a matrioshka doll made by the Yes! editorial staff.

More details are available at www.yes.com.ru and expedition206-cocacola.ru.

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