Yes! at Meeting with FIFA World Cup

The love of soccer is something that traditionally unites people around the world. It has an incomparable power and ability to inflame the emotions. The tour kicked off in Switzerland on 21 September 2009 and is timed to coincide with the World Cup - 2010. This year’s tour will be the most ambitious in the history of the event: the greatest of all football trophies will encircle the globe three times, traveling a total of 138,902 kilometers, giving fans in 83 countries a real reason to celebrate.

The legendary football trophy visited Russia on March 20 and 21 with the support of the Coca-Cola company, the organizer of the FIFA World Cup tour. As a partner to the event, Yes! magazine took active part in the proceedings.

Those wishing to get close to the prize that the best of the best dream of winning could have themselves photographed with the trophy at the St. Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg and at Vasilyevsky Slope in Moscow. The bad weather could not prevent thousands of people from posing with the trophy cup and enjoying the pleasant atmosphere of the event. To do so, many had to endure a line stretching for a full kilometer. Also, 30 Yes! readers held lucky winning tickets for the contest announced in the March issue of the magazine.

A pavilion that was specially built for the FIFA International World Cup Tour showed films in 3D format that were dedicated to the best episodes from past world championships, as well as to the trophy cup’s journey around the African continent.

Thanks to Yes!, all those who came were able to record their best wishes for Russia's soccer team and play football with such stars as the hosts of Muz-TV, Nastya Zadorozhnaya, Nyusha, ST1M, as well as the groups T9, Marsel, Khaki and others. Guests who were not caught up in that excitement took part in contests and chatted with each other. A special correspondent from Yes!-TV dressed as a huge football created a sensation: there was no lull in the number of people wanting to get photographed with him.

The guests were treated to a big surprise when Somali rapper K'Naan performed his rousing song “Wavin’flag” – the official anthem of Coca-Cola at the FIFA 2010 World Cup that is charged with positive energy and conveys the feeling of Africa.

And even if the Russian team will not play in World Cup start this summer, we all hope that four years from now our players will compete for the coveted trophy.

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