Yes! School Live on Europa Plus

Last Sunday, Yes! magazine Editor-in-Chief Irina Ilyina visited the Europa Plus radio station where she once again acted as co-host of one of the station’s highest-rated programs – “7 for 120.” Speaking live with DJ Alyona Masurenkova, Ilyina discussed the top news stories of the week and, of course, informed listeners of Yes! magazine’s numerous activities and projects.

Irina Ilyina did not go to the Europa Plus studio alone – she was accompanied by students of the Yes! School who had attended journalism and stylist courses. The students plunged into the radio station milieu, saw with their own eyes how work is conducted in a studio and met the station’s DJs. They even went on the air, interviewing cosmonaut Roman Romanenko – who had been invited in honor of Astronautics Day – discussed trends in the world of fashion and explained which issues of the day concern them the most.

It has long been a tradition of the Yes! School to conduct outreach workshops that give Yes! students the opportunity to learn something new and to master the basics of the most interesting professions. The next trip to Europa Plus has already been planned.

A full report of news from the school can be found at

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