Yes! All Grown Up

In every person’s life there comes a point when  he or she has to make independent decisions and take adult actions. This time can occur at any age and under completely different circumstances because no one knows what awaits us tomorrow. Many people want to live apart from their parents and earn their own living, but are they really ready for such a step? The May issue of Yes! answers that question. A special section “All grown up” tells the stories of people who were still very young when they left home to defend the Motherland in the distant 1940s; stories of readers who, either influenced by circumstances or who voluntarily decided to become independent at a young age; a visit by deputy editor-in-chief Tatiana Kubyshkina to “Little Mamas,” where young mothers live who not long ago were children themselves – and much more.

A topic traditionally covered in the May issue tells readers how to prepare for one of the most important events in a young person’s life – the prom. Choosing clothes, a hairstyle and make-up is no easy task, but with the help of Yes! readers will not get lost in the ocean of fashion trends and will discover that finding just the right solution becomes much easier. With advice from fashion experts, you will create a unique look for yourself and have an unforgettable graduation experience.

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