Yes! School Prepares for First Graduating Class

Time, as everyone knows, has a way of flying by: The Yes! School opened its doors in January of this year, and the first graduation ceremony s already scheduled for May. The number of students is constantly growing - presently, there are 200 continue, and most of them have chosen to continue their education by moving up to the next level of difficulty. New groups are already forming at the website

In the meantime, students are actively preparing for their first graduation ceremony by discussing ideas working together on scenarios. The Yes! School is a place where people find interesting lessons, worthwhile lectures and topical workshops conducted by fashionable instructors. That is why this graduation will be unique.

The Yes! School is currently offering classes in journalism, photography, video production, style, make-up and drama. Coming soon are classes in design, marketing and PR, modeling and other interesting subjects.

For now, the first graduates are definitely ready to confirm the school motto: “Learning is fashionable.”

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