Wedding Conducted another Class for Brides

Wedding magazine and the Marriott Moscow Royal Aurora Hotel held another lesson for brides. A floral studio brilliantly decorated the room and guests enjoyed a banquet table served up by Marriott.

The theme of this lesson – the wedding budget – was chosen due to numerous requests by regular patrons of the school and magazine readers. The key speaker, the Two Oranges holiday agency, gave a comprehensive presentation of how to prepare for a marriage. Listeners learned where they could economize, and when it is best not to. They also enjoyed receiving useful tips from professional wedding photographers, learning how to choose the best venue for the ceremony and even discovering such details as how to select the proper lighting and sound equipment.

Participants learned a great deal about creative wedding gifts, were convinced that holding a wedding in the Czech Republic is no more expensive than staging it in Moscow, took part in a wedding master class and viewed an incredible showing of sand figures.

At the close of the session, guests were welcome to attend a workshop by skilled florists entitled “Creating floral decorations for guests.” Before the eyes of admiring attendees, gorgeous roses, tulips, orchids and phlox were transformed into original and surprisingly soul-stirring decorations.

As always, the culmination of the day was an excellent buffet by the Marriot Royal Aurora and topped off by a delicious cake. Each participant received a complimentary cosmetics kit and discounts on a range of wedding services.

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