The Moscow Times: Summer Nostalgia

The Moscow Times newspaper presents the most mood-inducing exhibition of the season. This summer, the newspaper will serve as informational partner to an exhibit titled “Soviet Photography of the ‘60s and ‘70s” to be held at the Lumiere Brothers Centre of Photography.

The sixties – a time of hope and a universal sense of freedom – created a new visual language, new genres and new themes in photography. It was a time of experimentation and innovation. Soviet photography for the first time became interested in the individual, with his private feelings and emotions. Photographers strove to achieve a purely documentary depiction of their subjects, rejecting staged images, pathos or the use of subjects to make declarations – all part of the Soviet photography of previous years. More sincerity, humor and romance appeared in their work.

The exhibition will feature more than 350 works by 70 photographers, primarily Moscow photojournalists who worked for such leading informational services as TASS and the Print News Agency. The curator was able to collect the best examples of Soviet photography of the 1960s and 1970s – works that bear documentary testament to a time in which an explosion of freedom in art occurred that made that period unlike anything before or since.

This exhibition will be of interest to both those who lived through those amazing years, as well as to those who only knew about this period from textbooks. The time machine will begin its journey at the Lumiere Brothers Centre of Photography on May 28. The wonderful trip will end on August 1. Don’t miss it!

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