RB.ru Opens Holiday Season

RB.ru once again kicked off annual “Holiday” special project.

Every year, the site brings together in one location useful information and services that help RB.ru users choose the best holiday destinations and travel agencies. Traditionally, site users participate alongside market pros in developing content for the special project.

For the first time, RB.ru and its business partners provided its readers with the following services this year:

Specialized services that help users choose a holiday destination, make hotel reservations and order airline tickets to their intended destination;

A unique “Ask the Expert” section in which tourism industry specialists answer questions from members of the RB.ru community;

Just for advertisers, the special project was given a showcase for the best offers by travel agencies made especially for members of the RB.ru community;

“Travelers’ Blogs” – real travel stories from members of the RB.ru community; all the most interesting, entertaining and exciting events from their lives and journeys.

Every year, one in every five RB.ru users visits the special project, guaranteeing more than 3 million hits over the project’s duration;

Every day, 100,000 office workers use the RB.ru business portal to obtain the most important news of the business world, to communicate and to share information.

The portal’s audience consists primarily of the economically prosperous and active consumer segment of Internet users. RB.ru readers work hard and play hard.

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