Interni Presents Facelift Project

As part of the second Moscow biennale Architecture and the Arch Moscow 2010 exhibition, Interni magazine presents the project “Facelift: new faces for old friends.” On the first floor of the Central House of Artists, a group of architects invited by the magazine has built an entire city district composed of dozens of ordinary buildings, each of which was given a bright new façade. A special newspaper, The Internian, was also published for the exhibition.

A decade of industrial housing construction has left us with a controversial legacy: millions of square feet of apartment space packed into identical boxy buildings, a drab urban environment and an unpleasant “visual ecology.” What new faces would you like to see on our old friends, the standard Soviet-style apartment block buildings? The art museum curator posed that question to young Russian architects. Their answer – to alter the facades of several of the most common types of buildings – became the core of the exhibition.

Every visitor regardless profession, experience and even age had an opportunity to express their ideas: with the help of paints, brushes and Post-it notes, adults and children can create their dream houses.

The Internian newspaper – itself a project of the exhibition – focuses on the problems of industrial housing and renewing the face of the city, as well as the creative conceptualization of life in the big city. The newspaper includes interviews with the Arch Moscow curator and project participants, the best Western examples of large apartment buildings that are also beautiful and comfortable, and stories of various art projects.

Workshops will be held in the courtyard of the first floor of the Central House of Artists located at 10 Krymsky Val in Moscow at the following times: May 26 from 3PM to 7PM, May 27 from 11AM to 7PM and on May 28 from 11AM to 7PM.

The following companies provided assistance in organizing the project: Kauffman, Rockwool, Post-it, Mosproject and Quickstep. Architects participating in the project included DigitalBakery (Maxim Malein, Sergei Michurin, Pyotr Vasilyev); hi!arch (Vladimir Gumankov, Lena Manuilova); MilkFactory (Olga Akimenko, Anastasia Grishchenko, Alexei Kudimov, Anna Serdyuk); Andrei Asadov, Andrei Barkhin, Yekaterina Borisova, Oxana Borovkova and Alexandra Kuznetsova; Natalya Zaichenko, Rustam Kerimov and Irina Kerimova; Denis Kosin and Vladimir Yuzbashev.

The Arch Moscow exhibition will run from May 26 to 31 and the Moscow biennale Architecture from May 26 to June 8.

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