Yes! School Graduation

On May 29, the Yes! School bid farewell to its first set of graduates. The event took place at a fashionable venue – the Flakon design factory. The students, who fell in love with the school and its teachers during their three months of studies, decided not to say “goodbye,” but “until we meet again” – and happily signed up for the next, more advanced level of study.

The party – at which it was expected teachers would shed rivers of tears in parting with their first graduating class – instead turned into a rousing get-together with scrumptious treats made by the students themselves, dancing and an abundance of positive emotion. Opening the party was the Fruit Kefit male band from Rostov playing a mixture of funk, jazz, grunge, art rock and hip-hop. Next came the new group Fillin that generated so much excitement the audience did not want to let them leave the stage. Those who preferred chatting with their fellow students and sharing impressions of the school relaxed in the lounge with non-alcoholic cocktails and scenes from High School Musical: Graduation playing in the background.

Each student received his or her personal diploma along with compliments from their teachers. In return, one representative from each group of students expressed gratitude to their teachers for the unforgettable lessons. In addition, guests were treated to a drawing for gifts donated by partner companies such as Smi)e, (unforgettable beauty gifts), Ole House (nail care products) and Maxwell (hair dryers and curling wands), as well as a sweets-tasting competition.

New groups began their studies at the Yes! School in June, so the next graduation ceremony is not far off!

At the Yes! School, learning is fashionable.

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