Summer Issue of National Geographic Traveler

The latest issue of National Geographic Traveler presents the 10 best cruises. This might be the best way to discover the world, especially for those who want to do it quickly. The authors of the featured articles explain how to reach the world’s southernmost city, photograph Norwegian fjords and catch fish in Alaska.

Also in this issue:

A report from Sicily: On the largest island of the Mediterranean, volcanoes erupt regularly, brilliant flowers cover the slopes in luxurious abundance and the locals are grateful for each day under Mt. Etna. Special bonus: Sicilian cuisine.

Monasteries: the magazine’s correspondents shed light on the most unusual temples and monasteries of the world. One is located on a sheer cliff, another can only be reached by swimming 15 kilometers and a third will take at least 30 years to build.

Guide to Jerusalem: the city through the eyes of local residents who tell us where you can eat kosher meals, do a belly dance, buy spices and have a picnic in the woods.

National Geographic Adventure: altitude sickness. Everything about trekking and detailed instructions for those planning to hike in the mountains: Is a guide necessary? Should you buy a sleeping bag? How to avoid getting lost and where to find good travelling companions. Even if you don’t know what trekking is, this is the magazine for you!

The magazine goes on sale June 21.

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