Summer Wedding School

A summer extension lesson of the Wedding School was held Sunday at the Sheraton Palace hotel in Moscow. The event was announced in advance at the hotel and brought together couples who were planning to wed in the very near future.

As always, Wedding magazine invited the best representatives of the Wedding industry as well as interesting guests who revealed their wedding organization secrets. KVN team captain Nikita Andrienko hosted the event. The big hit was a fashion show of short wedding dresses from the Aniya boutique. Young ladies posed on the podium holding elegant handbags made from fresh flowers that were created by florist Tatiana Tridvornova.

Tridvornova then held a master class on wedding floral design, inspiring the couples to come up with their own creative concepts for floral arrangements. She recommended using flowers of lighter shades because, in her words, “the angels fly on white.”

The Lafayette special events agency warned the future newlyweds about the ten most common mistakes that can ruin even the best wedding. Parapsychologist Arina Yevdokimova gave the young people her recommendations and told them about superstitions and wedding traditions among Russia’s nobility of the 18th century. After her talk, many people requested individual consultations with the well-known specialist.

Many participants left the hall carrying not only their impressions, but also something more tangible – prizes they had won at the event. These included a weekend for two at the Sheraton Palace, a brunch at the Sheraton Palace, an outing on the luxurious yacht Ferdinand, a ride on a golden carriage at Kuskovo Park and certificates from Lafayette for organizing a stag party and for a wedding bouquet.

The event ended with a wonderful buffet. With a pink chocolate fountain and an ice slide made from champagne, guests kept up their matrimonial mood to the very end of the event.

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