Men’s Health Finn Cup

During Monaco Weekend, the first “Finn” Olympic-class yacht race was held on July 17. The event was organized by Men’s Health magazine and Toyota RAV4. Representatives of the Russian “Finn” class association took to the water and demonstrated their bona fide skills in maneuvering one-man skiffs.

As part of the competition, several races were held and winners chosen. First place went to 16-year-old Arkady Kistanov of the Kkhlebnikov Sailing School, with second and third places going to Oleg Khudyakov and Felix Denikayev respectively. The winners received limited edition Oakely Alinghi sunglasses, Davidoff Adventure cologne and the newest issue of Men’s Health.

The show included more than just racing – spectators could try their hand piloting the very newest model of Finn class boat that was brought specially for the exhibition. The full story is available on the website.

The Men’s Health Finn Cup was held in the yacht club during Monaco Weekend – an exhibition of exclusive automobiles that ran in the Bavaria Moscow City Racing show. Spectators could feast their eyes on exquisite supercars, Formula 1 fighting fireballs, visit the stands hosted by event partners, get acquainted with the newest version of the Toyota RAV4, as well as the unique Spyker Aileron and Mansory Ferrari 599 Stallone. More than 3,000 people visited the Monaco Weekend, from July 15-17.

Men’s Health thanks the Toyota Motor company for the opportunity to organize this race.

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