Back to School!

Yes! announces the motto for September: “Learning is Fashionable.” The Yes! School is now forming new groups. The new season will include even more creative courses and the schedule will be more convenient – now classes will be held on weekdays in addition to weekends.

Students are now being accepted for groups in journalism, photography, make-up, stylist school, video studio, graphic design, drawing school, drama studio, marketing and PR, modeling school, foreign languages club, communication skills, DJ school and others.

Anyone can participate in the Yes! School and attend a favorite master class, meet with editors or celebrities or even go to a home concert. As always, students will be able to pass their free time after classes by sharing their impressions in a cozy café over a cup of tea, and by chatting and chilling out in large, puffy chairs beneath a “magic tree” that can grant their wishes.

Classes begin September 13. Students can register by telephone at 8-910-003-73-85 or by e-mail at Details are available on the school’s website

IMSM employees receive a 10 percent discount.

At Yes! School, learning is fashionable.

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